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  • YASA Training depatman is established in 2008 as a branch of  YASA Holding.
  • Training started in 2009 after the agreements that have been signed with “Seagull” and “MPRI”.
  • Computer based trainings and Liquid cargo handling trainings had started soon after.
  • In March 2016, Yasa Training Center has been audited by  Class NK and found to comply with the NK Standard for Certification of Maritime Training Center (as an in-house training center).


Our mission is to train our crew over the industry standards for safer ships and clean oceans.
And our duties as defined in HSQMS:


  •  To execute trainings of seafarers for smooth and effective implementation of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System on-board vessels.
  •  To enhance professional skills of seafarers by implementing face to face trainings.
  •  To arrange outsourced 3 rd party trainings in relation to enhance seafarer skills and understanding of HSQEMS matters.
  •  To arrange training to prevent occurrence and repetition of undesired incidents, deficiencies and non-conformities.
  •  To arrange necessary refreshment trainings.
  •  Shall report the outcome of trainings to General Coordinator and related marine division department.


Company will pay attention to employee maximum educated and trained personnel on their subjects, to work on the vessels and office. For the new sign on personnel, necessary trainings according to new conventions and regulations should be given as soon as possible. To figure this, they will attend to the national/international courses, seminars, and lectures. The vessel or office personnel like Superintended, Manager, Master and Chief Engineer who were already trained with the trainings mentioned above, should prepare the same training as soon as possible in the vessel to educate crewmembers.
To establish the percentage of required trainings by crew members every January, Ship Master makes a Crew Member Training Investigation according to the SQEMS Form.
The company will be also informed about the results. Office personnel will be also established with the same training investigations. According to the results of both establishments, most required trainings will be fixed with their percentages. Company authorities; try to provide inner-company or outer-company training programs or send as much as possible personnel to the national/international courses, seminars and lectures to educate them with the necessary trainings.
Before leaving the vessel, master will be completed appraisal form of each individual within the crewmembers is designed to identify training requirements to establish them to carry or improve their performance in their job.
All training arrangements of the company are met wherever possible by internal group training or by external courses to fulfil their needs.