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Sustainability Policy

We recognize that a sustainable future is integral to the way we conduct our business. We place a high priority on the health, safety and security of our employees and assets as well as on the wellbeing of all those contributing to or affected by our operations.

We are committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and we aim to integrate sustainable thinking and corporate social responsibility into all our business processes and business relationships. Employee skills and competencies are developed by continually raising awareness and impartment of training.

We promote the health, safety and security of all our employees through managing risks and changes with prudence and promoting a strong safety culture. It is the objective of Yasa Tankers to provide a safe workplace with zero work-related injuries. We promote good occupational health and a healthy lifestyle for all our employees.

It is our policy that no employee, contractor or visitor shall be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while onboard our vessels.

We continue to maintain our strong focus on the protection of the environment and sustainable development by means of management commitment and motivating our employees.

We aim to continuously reduce emissions, optimise our operations, have zero

spills, zero incidents, avoid harm to the environment, and to find innovative and timely solutions for improvement.

We recognize that our operations are far reaching and have a global influence. With this in mind, we work diligently with our employees, local communities and internationally recognized bodies to ensure that social factors are integral to our business principles.

We assure consistent and best-in-class quality in our services to external and internal customers through efficient yet safe operations and the continuous

monitoring of our performance.

We promote continual improvement as a principal driver by knowledge-sharing practices and the timely review of our management systems while always meeting or exceeding all applicable

legislative and regulatory requirements.