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Emergency Policy

In case of a casualty affecting the vessel, crew, environment or cargo the Master alone is responsible and must form his own opinion and exercise his own judgement as to what should be done.

As soon as he can take time to do so without endangering the vessel, crew, environment or cargo, he should inform and send a preliminary report to the Company immediately, giving brief details by using the pre-issued initial report format, according to type of casualty, which is to be found at  SQEMS Form YS T 561-01. The Master will also send the same report to Coastal State Authorities, Flag State. In addition these, the Master will send casualty report to charterers in line with the charter party or voyage requirements.

As soon as possible thereafter the preliminary information and report, the Master should ascertain the circumstances of the casualty in greater detail and follow-up written reports without delay.

All messages addressed to the Company are routed quickly and directly to the responsible person at any time and these addresses should be utilised for messages pertaining to death or serious injury of person, fire, explosion, grounding, pollution, collision, serious breakdown, urgent repairs and other matters requiring immediate attention.

The Master must report to the Company casualties that have occurred on board by using the related reporting forms. The Flag State of the vessel must also be informed by the Master in accordance with their particular reporting requirements.

The Master and all crewmembers on board a vessel that suffers a casualty are not authorised to make any statement to the media. Everybody on board must understand that all statements, will be issued by the Company’s, or by the Company’s media relating to casualty co-ordinator, and that all enquiries should be directed accordingly.

Any person  shall not allow direct provision of information from the ship and/ or company to the media without the General Manager approval,

The Company has a dedicated phone numbers for use in the event of emergency/casualty on board Company vessels on a 24hrs/7days basis:


Emergency Phone Number: + 90 216 545 19 52

                                               + 90 549 316 10 68


The emergency Phone Number must be familiar to all crewmembers and posted in the Master’s and Chief Engineer’s cabins, wheelhouse, CCR, engine control room, all mess rooms and alleyways on board the vessel.

DPA is to issue a roster on a four weekly basis indicating the duty superintendent for emergency response. This roster will be circulated in the Company’s office and duty superintendents are to sign for acknowledgement. If any change occurs in the roster DPA must update the roster immediately.


In case of emergency situation, after gathering of the Company Emergency Team in the emergency room, following contact details are to be used for communication.


Phone  : +90 216 545 19 45  / +90 216 545 57 57

Fax       : +90 216 545 19 50

E-Mail   : emergency@yasatanker.com