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Company SQEMS Policy

The Company has established HEALTH , SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL  AND QUALITY  MANAGEMENT POLICY to provide healthy and safe working conditions to ensure prevention of human injury or loss of life and damage to marine environment, ship and property to maintain a safe and pollution-free operational practices which comply the national and international regulations together with the relevant standards and guidelines to ensure quality of the operations that meets the clients requirements.

YASA is committed to providing a safe , secure and healthy working environment both afloat and ashore for all of its employees and for all who have reason to be on or abouth the vessels under their management.Yasa’s target is that its vessels be operated with zero injuries.

YASA attaches the utmost importance to the preservation of the environment and is determined to ensure that every person working for or on its behalf is made aware of its concern and does their utmost to achieve its target ; zero pollution.

This Company Manual explains and conducts the Company’s management system in respect of the safe operation of ships for environmental management and quality assurance.

The contents of the Manual have been reviewed and made compliance  with the requirements of  I.M.O. Resolution A741/18- The International Safety ,ISO 9001 (2000) and ISO 14001 (2004) Standards.

YASA is committed to comply with legal and organization requirements related to its environmental aspects.

YASA is committed to pursuing its targets of zero pollution/zero injuries through a process of continual operational improvement , by regulary setting target , monitoring performance , analysing incidents that occur , identitfying root causes and refining procedures accordingly.

  • Types of ships under management: CRUDE OIL / PRODUCT/CHEMICAL TANKERS.

Company objectives are to;

  • Provide for safe practices in ship operation and safe working environment. 
  • Establish safeguards against all identified risks and continuously improve the Safety ,Quality and Environmental Management skills of personnel both ashore and  onboard the ship including preparing for emergencies related with the safety and environmental protection. 
  • Provide the  environmentally and  friendly practices in ship operation and pollution free working environment.        
  • The Company’s activities as ship management service has to be appropriate to the nature scale and environmental impact. 
  • Commitment  to comply with relevant environmental legislations and regulations and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes. 
  • Commitment to the continual improvement of SQEMS and prevention of sea pollution.             
  • Determine the client’s needs and ensure that customer requirements are met as a quality  objective with consistent maintenance of that quality in a reliable manner by focusing on customer needs; thus attaining continual improvement and customer satisfaction.  
  • To ensure that relevant processes in place and resources are available to implement the system effectively. 
  • Satisfy the Company's objectives to attain and maintain the desired quality and safety standards at optimum cost.
  • These objectives will be achieved by;           
  • Maintaining high standards of safety consciousness, personal discipline and individual accountability by adherence to a comprehensive and documented system of training. 
  • To provide the frame work for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, 
  • Actively promoting employee participation in measures aimed at improving safety and protecting the environment. 
  • Keeping all personnel fully informed of  any known or potential hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues, the ship or the environment by transmittal of pertinent documentation. 
  • Ensuring adherence at all times to the documented operating procedures and activities and continuously reviewing all mandatory rules, regulations, industry codes and guidelines that are relevant to Oil Tankers and it’s trades. 
  • Implementation of a documented system which provides objective evidence that the quality system is operating effectively and quality objectives are met. 
  • Conducting regular Management Reviews at planned intervals to ensure continuity continuing, suitability and adequacy and effectiveness of Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. I promise and commit to take full responsibility for the implementation of the SAFETY, QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and guarantee that all personnel working ashore and the seafarers including the Master onboard perform their duties in accordance   with the requirements of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Manual.

I have entrusted the responsibility and the authority for the supervision and maintenance of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System to the General Manager. The General Manager shall point out problems in Safety, Quality and Environmental Management, propose, recommend and offer solutions and  measures, and shall have full authority and responsibility necessary or maintain and impairing the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. Additionally , the General Manager shall give necessary instructions to the related departments and the Master to discuss problems with person in charge of each department until a satisfactory result going to be  reached and shall confer decisions on all management related problems. The Safety ,Quality and Environmental Management Policy  of the Company has been explained and  instructed on the above . This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all person(s) performing task for the organization or on its behalf and it is available to the public. All person(s) performing task for the organization or on its behalf are strictly instructed to adhere to this policy.