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The most important key to success at YASA is the value we place on the power of people.

It reveals the success and determination that positive and motivated people show who never abandon our fundamental values, honesty, and efforts, who never depart from the goal of superior quality, who cooperate, who develop, and who help develop.

Our employees have different histories, areas of expertise, and perspectives, and they come together in the objective of presenting high quality work.

At YASA, everybody works “with stability for years as the work owner.”

YASA believes in the potential of its employees, and works to reveal this potential while ensuring a work environment they can enjoy.

Our objective after this is to develop our understanding that reveals the potential within and energy of our employees and that is aimed at exhibiting their performances.

We are happy to see out new colleagues among us who share with us our goal of “WORKING BY LEARNING, DEVELOPING, AND LIVING HAPPILY AT YA SA


  •  Human Resources Policies

The general policies are prepared for the purpose of YASA employees being able to fulfill their duties as best as possible and rely on the principles summarized below:

  • A professional environment and conditions are ensured where people will be able to use and develop their talents and skills at a level equal for all employees, without any discrimination.
  • Additional benefits are offered based on adequate wages and positions suitable for the market and current conditions.
  • Training activities are planned that will aid the development and support of employees.
  • Promotions are carried out for employees who fulfill the requirements of a higher job title within the framework of their career plans.
  • The foundation is laid for new ideas is prepared, an environment of expression is presented, and solutions are found to problems with shared intellect within mutual trust, understanding, and communication.