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9 Fleet
Total Tonnage
635.000 Total Tonnage
Steaming Distance
340.900 Steaming Distance
Port Calls
202 Port Calls
Total Cargo
14.480.000 Total Cargo
410 Seafarer

YASA TANKER is established in 2004 as a dynamic sign of YASA Group’s desire to expand further into challenging Seaborne Tanker industry. Since the establishment of the company, all the ships has been carefully constructed in first class shipyards to achieve Yasa Groups desire to serve its clients in a best efficient and cost effective way. The group adopts in principle to own and operate with best asset class and continue to invest in ultra-highly capable ships to furnish its fleet for future growth

Today YASA TANKER ‘s owns and operates 8 tankers in the range of Suezmax and Aframax Class Tankers and combined capacity has reached to 1,3 Million Deadweight with highly experienced and dedicated shore based individuals to provide service for top-tier customers all around the world. In addition to shore based staff, Tankers in fleet run by highly experienced crew with continuous improvement and dedication to adjust industry standards and challenges accordingly.

The vessels are certified all the time with ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment Standards through CLASS NK society and operated under the International Safety Management Code. We believe focusing on modern vessels requires adhering to strict operational standards in maximum levels. To in this respect Yasa Tankers obtains frequent inspection to its vessels from experienced shore based inspectors and major-oil company Vetting applies more than four times in a year for all the vessels.

Yasa Tankers will continue to be the best service provider for its stakeholders in the tanker industry and will increase its presence by investing in human intelligence and next generation vessels all the time.