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All shore based and ship based personnel recruited are required to comply, support and contribute to the effective implementation of our policies. The Company recognizes the central importance of competent shore based and ship based personnel in ensuring that the managed fleet is operated in a safe and efficient manner. The Company adopts detailed personnel recruitment, training and performance monitoring procedures, which are summarized below, in keeping with the desired objectives as well as provide and maintain the highest standarts of marine transportation and ship management ; 

  • Employing only medically fit and mentally sound , suitably qualified and experienced personnel as required in national and international rules and regulations.
  • Previous employment records of individual personnel shall be considered, including appraisal reports and/or references from previous employers
  • All shore based and ship based personnel a sense of belonging to become long serving employees of the Company and inculcating them a sense of loyalty and dedication
  • All shore based and ship based personnel shall be familiar with Company HSQEM system and relevant procedures and they shall be given refreshment training on the same in regular intervals. 
  • Ensure that compliance with the HSQE standards is a key ingredient in the identification of training needs and performance reviews of shore and shipboard personnel.