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Esteemed Stakeholders, Customers and Dear Employees,

The year 2018 has been a year of taking a rest and planning the anticipatory steps for both the global trade and the industries we are engaged in.

The recovery process of economies is being maintained even if at slow pace, thus in 2019 the world economy is expected to attain a growth above 3%.

On the other hand, simultaneously prevailing trade wars, incompatibility within the European Union and ongoing state of war in our nearby countries continue to pose high risk for overall economies.  
Within this period we have observed that as YASA Group our values are the paramount factor that gives us our strengths and brings to future. 

Investing in human being, quality, safety, environmental impact and sustainability have always been regarded as priorities of YASA Group.

Dedication, steadily improvement and extensive knowledge of our colleagues constitute one of the greatest motives for preference of our Group companies among our customers and stakeholders.

Led by these values, our business volume in each industry our Group is being operated in keeps on increasing with each passing day, while maintaining our investments owing to our strong financial structure. 

Being fully aware of the difficulties we will encounter in 2019, YASA Group will unwaveringly carry on its efforts for the sake of primarily for its own country, nation and each member of the public.  

I hereby extend my profound gratitude to our customers, business partners, managers, employees for their great contribution to make us to attain success during this period and to all institutions, organisations and their management staff for their continuous support to us.

I wish the year 2019 will be full of health, happiness and prosperity for primarily Turkey, the world and our Group.


Yalçın Sabancı