What you looking for ?

To be our customers first choice for safety , innovation and performance in tanker transportation , resulting in profitable growth and financial strength for our company.

An organization that is confident enough to take risk and continually improve results by working safely together in making tomorrow better. To achieve breakthrough performance by creating an environment that encourages openness, mutual respect, trust and cooperation. We envision a workplace where employees of all backgrounds can succeed. When we strive to achieve our vision and mission, diversity becomes one of our most important competitive advantages.

Excellence in diversity enriches our performance, the communities in which we work and live, and the lives of our employees. Our diversity strategy will enable YASA TANKERCILIK VE TASIMACILIK AS. to become the industry’s employer and partner of choice.

Critical Success Factors

Methodical analysis of our business environment – timing Identifying and selecting the right business deals and projects – prioritize Developing and retaining relations of trust with customers and other stakeholders First-class ship operation Enthusiastic , skilled and versatile personnel with a team spirit Developing customized and innovative transport solutions Focused implementation of business agreements

Our Value

Quality through professionalism, reliability and integrity. Respond in real time to our customers needs. A safe and secure working environment at sea and shore. Protection of the environment from all forms and types of pollution caused by the company’s activities. Integrated Quality and Environmental management system. To be competitive. Loyalty to employees.


YASA TANKER is committed to protecting the environment from all forms & types of pollution caused by its activities. To achieve this objective, YASA TANKER is dedicated to.

  • Setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets;
  • Providing adequate resources to meet the set company objectives and targets;
  • Raising awareness of the environment amongst personnel;
  • Achieving continual improvement in the company’s safety and environmental record;
  • Reviewing the suitability of alternative or new technology, systems or equipment which can enhance safer operations and reducing environmental impact;
  • Disposing, handling and controlling all waste in an environmentally sound manner;
  • Considering all environmental consequences where practical when engaging in goods or services from third parties;
  • Providing appropriate training to all personnel whose work may create a significant impact upon safety and environment;
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and other requirements as applicable and identified by the Company;
  • Observing the requirements of the company’s Quality & Environmental system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and the IMO’s International Safety Management Code;
  • Making the company’s policy available for public scrutiny;

Continuous improvements

We are working continuously to improve our sustainability performance. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves updated when it comes to laws and regulations, to satisfy the demands of the world around us and in this way reduce the risks in our activities. In our everyday activities, we do a lot to contribute to more sustainable development. However, we must be better at explaining and reporting. Accordingly, in the years ahead we intend to be even more explicit when it comes to reporting on what we do and our goals when it comes to sustainability.