There were important developments in 2016-2017 years for the world and Turkey. We faced the events which had deep impact on our country in terms of political, social and economic areas, such as presidential elections, terror attacks, and even military coup attempt but Turkey stood strong, firm and achieved economic growth rate of 2.9 % in 2016 and expected 5.2 % full year growth for 2017. In global point of view, elections in the United States, Brexit, conflicts in Syria and terrorism events all caused to establish historical and economical milestones for the whole world.

Within this scope, global business world also has an important modification period. In terms of economical panorama; low interest rates especially in developed countries caused upward momentum on growth in their economies and this has positively reflected to emerging countries. Demand from China, India, Brazil, Russia and other Developing countries are strong and productivity outlook is healthy. This positive outlook for both developed and emerging countries is also expected to continue in 2018 and 2019. However, economies and nations are changing so rapidly due to technological developments; in this context, competition rules that we got accustomed, are getting more different. The most important two means to keep in step with this change, are to use the technology effectively and to create qualified human source. Only the institutions which position the technology and human resource power rightly within the scope of their own capacity, will be successful to have an important role in the future.

As Yasa Holding, we continue to look for sustainable growth, be responsible our country and for our universe, achieve utmost management quality, conduct best ethical working principles, use latest and most environmentalist technology and most importantly investing into responsible human beings and talented young brains because we believe where the future and success lies.

Thank you to all of our employees, stakeholders and customers who support us strongly and determinedly in this route.




YALÇIN SABANCI            
YASA HOLDING