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Chairman's Message

The years 2016 and 2017 witnessed significant developments both in our country and abroad. In the last past years we have unfortunately faced incidents which deeply wounded our country in of humanitarian, political, social and economic aspects such as terrorist attacks and treacherous coup attempt. And globally USA elections, Brexit, conflicts in Syria and terrorist incidents caused the occurrence historic and economic turning points for the whole World.

In this context, the global business World is also going through a significant period of change. From the economic perspective low values of goods and interest rates, trade volume and growth rate is the prominent Picture and what is foreseen by the economic environment is that this Picture will continue for approximately a period of two years. In this context, the rules of competition which we are used to are becoming different. The two most important means to keep up with this change are using technology effectively and creating qualified human resources. Only the Corporations which can position technology and human resources power correctly within the framework of its capacity will be able to succeed in having an important role in the future.

We as Yasa Holding are continuing to work for our country and grow in our strong and determined path regarding our management quality, institutionalism, ethical business principles, technology and qualified human resources as important.

I would like to thank all our employees who accompany us with strength and determination in this path.

My Best Regards,